Years of experience working at remote sites identified many challenges.  In particular, safety challenges.  Current solutions to these safety challenges often added complexity and expense.  But…

Intelligent automation improves safety, simplifies tasks and reduces cost.

Redbusbar was founded in 2003 to commercialise a device used to verify electrical isolations performed as part of a lockout procedure.  Since that time Redbusbar has continued to develop solutions to safety challenges that simplify practices and deliver cost savings.

Intelligent automation is our passion. 

Chris Devine

Director / Engineer

Chris holds a Bachelor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Diploma of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Fitter/Mechanic License and is a Registered Practising Engineer of Queensland.

Chris has worked for electricity distributors, miners, mineral processors and engineering consulting companies.  He has held senior project, maintenance, research and product development roles.  He holds several international patents.

His interests include power, instrumentation, control and safety sytems in the bulk materials, chemical, mineral, explosives and residential industries.