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Isolation Verification proves that all sources of energy are removed from equipment prior to conducting maintenance works.  Done correctly it eliminates the risk of the equipment starting while being maintained and therefore injuring people or damaging equipment.

Electrical Isolation Verification

Proof of isolation on electrical powered equipment means confirming that an electrical switch, circuit breaker or disconnect powering the machine is off or open.  Verification methods include:

    • Visual Check – Plug and Sockets, Visual Break Isolators
    • Voltage measurement at the load side of the switch, knowing that the line side is energised – Electrician Test for Dead, Voltage Indicators (DeadEasy), Live Line Indicators (LLI), Absence of Voltage Testers (AVT)
    • Insulation resistance measurement across the switch contacts – Electrician high voltage resistance test, Automatic high voltage resistance test (SwitChek)

Learn more in the Technical Paper – Confirming Electrical Isolations

Field Isolation / Remote Isolation

Where the isolation switch is remote from the machine a risk exists that an Isolation Officer may isolate the wrong equipment or a worker may maintain the wrong equipment.  Prevention methods include:

    • Isolator located adjacent to the machine – Field Isolators / Local Isolators
    • Local Indication / Field Indication of Remote Isolator status – Remote Isolation Indicator (RightSwitch)
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