Why is my smoke alarm beeping?

Loud noise frustration

So, your smoke alarm is beeping. A chirping smoke detector is so annoying! You know it’s not an emergency alarm because it’s not loud and is intermittent or only occurs every few minutes. That means it’s just a warning that there is something wrong with the alarm. How do I stop my smoke alarm beeping? […]

Pajingo & SwitchFix

Late last year Pajingo approached Redbsubar to design, manufacture and supply a range of SwitchFix Isolator Locks suitable for the Terasaki XTFH circuit breaker handles. An isolating mistake involving locking a handle in the “on” position and commencing maintenance work could have yielded a serious accident. The mistake which could be easily repeated triggered immediate […]

Lockout Tagout Guide

Lockout Tagout is the process of disabling machinery or equipment to prevent the release of hazardous energy which may harm workers. Lockout Tagout is also referred to as Equipment Isolation. Equipment Isolation is just one part of an overall system for managing the safety of workers when they need to access powered equipment. The total […]

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